Art of Russian Cuisine

Myth #1. I hate cooking. Myth #2. I rarely eat Russian meals. Both myths are completely and utterly lie. Unfortunately, I still can’t persuade myself in that and I am very reluctant to admit that but I am sure that everyone knows the truth. Without further adieu, please welcome 3 most cooked by me meals: […]

Ultimate list of London museums

London is my favourite place for visiting museums. First of all, there are lots of them. Even with all my passion and eagerness I hardly visited quarter of them. Secondly, many of them are free. Here is my ultimate list of my favourite museums in London that I am ready to visit every weekend (and […]

Triplet by Reynolds (advanced version)

history and analysis of three paintings of Venus and Cupid by Sir Joshua Reynolds This essay explores three canvases depicting Venus and Cupid painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds between 1785 and 1792. Currently they are located in three museums: the Hermitage (St. Petersburg), Tate (London) and Sir John Soane’s Museum (London). Sir Joshua Reynolds (16 July […]

Origins of Inspiration

Walking in Tate Britain I saw the panting that depicted a familiar view at the Trafalgar square. I saw a young flower girl on the canvas “St Martin-in-the-Fields” by William Logsdail. The background features St Martin-in-the-Fields church which provides the title to this canvas. It was painted in 1888 and I took a photograph of the same […]

Captured by Unfinished

I found myself in the National Gallery in London, walking from room to room, from purple street to blue, orange and, eventually, green street (the way of division of the art periods on the map). Seeing all the masterpieces is a very pleasant spending of time. But even this pleasant activity can become boring, tiring […]

Shoes on Canvas

When I went to the National Portrait Gallery in London for the first time I didn’t know much about British history and its main personalities. It was hard to truly enjoy the portraits of famous people of Great Britain. Names of the sitters and artists didn’t tell me much so very soon I found myself bored. Until the […]

Triplet by Reynolds

When I saw a painting ‘Beauty and Love’ by Sir Joshua Reynolds in Sir John Soane’s Museum, I realised that there is a very close copy of this canvas in the Hermitage in St.Petersburg, Russia. Being interested in the story of these two paintings I found out that there is the third version in Tate […]